Our key Success Factors

Hello, this is the Heinz Schade company here! We are a dynamic family-owned and family-operated process engineering company which was established in 1999. We are located near Stuttgart, in one of the most important high-tech areas of Germany.

■ We are problem-solvers in the field of production-machine technology.
■ Our high-level products are manufactured in-house using the excellent craftsmanship of our highly-qualified, motivated staff.
■ We distribute our sophisticated first-class medical devices all over the world.

Creative, Innovative and Solution-Orianted

Our highly developed standard machines cover a wide range of requirements and we also provide our customers with excellent process technology for stent, balloon and catheter manufacturing. Naturally, we are aware that every process has its complications, so we can optimally adapt every machine to the individual customer´s needs. Our focus is always on finding the ideal solution at an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio for our valued customers. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your projects!

Production & Design, Made in Germany

We develop, design and manufacture all of our devices here on location near Stuttgart in Germany. Our professional highly-motivated staff accompany the complete process from conception to realisation. We have 100 % quality-control so that we guarantee you the highest standards of quality in all of our products. Form follows function: function
and handling determine our intuitive design. The clear form enables the machine to discreetly and harmoniously integrate into the arrangement of the existing machinery.