Balloon, Catheter and Stent Process

Our expertise covers all phases of Balloon, Catheter and Stent manufacturing. Furthermore we are able to advice you during the registration process of your medical device in accordance to DIN EN ISO 13485.

BF 208-300

ballon forming machine

The BF 208-300 sets new standards in the cost-effective production of balloons.

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BF 209


The BF 209 sets new standards in the cost-effective production of balloons. A number of balloons can be reproducibly produced in succession with a single insertion of the tube.

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Crimpmaster 3

Crimping machine

The Crimpmaster 3 is a programmable crimping machine for fixed crimping of stents onto balloon catheters.

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Druleck 2

pressure measurement device

The Druleck 2 is a PC-controlled pressure- and leaktester for catheters and balloons.

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Die IR4 ist eine Schweißmaschine für das Schweißen von Kunstoffschläuchen mittels Infrarotheizung. Die Maschine eignet sich auch für das vesschweißen von Hypotube und Sideport.

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Stent Vision 3000

stent measurement system

The STENT-VISION 3000 stent measurement system was developed to automate and enhance the stent quality management.

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tube drilling machine

The Kiwi is an automatic PC-controlled tube-drilling machine. All types of tubes can be drilled with the Kiwi. Hollow drills guarantee a clean and exact drill bore.

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Die Schlauchstreckmaschine CAL2 wurde für das Ausziehen von Schläuchen entwickelt.

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Tube Extending Device

The two axes on the Gemini enable a multitude of different applications. E.g. two-sided tapering of tubes for the manufacture of large balloons with reduced necks. Stretching of long tips and forming of graduated catheters are also possible.

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RF 200

radial force tester

The RF 200 can be used in all cases where quick and simple force measurement is required.

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Roma 3

rotary swaging machine

The Roma 3 is a rotary swaging machine for fine tubes.

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DLF 380

tension and friction tester

The DLF 380 was developed for testing pull-off and friction forces. The tester can be used as an inline product tester and for development.

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Stent Roller


The Stent Roller is the little helper to inspect Stents under the microscopes.

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