Balloon forming machine BF 209

BF 209

Balloon forming machine


The BF 209 allows reproducible processing of longer tubes for the first time. This enables cost-effective production of large quantities of different balloons. A number of balloons are produced from one tube in a continuous process. After blowing the balloon, the balloon is automatically unloaded and at the same time a new tube piece is drawn into the mold. This process can be repeated up to a hundred times after a one-off setting. The length of the chain is essentially defined by the balloon process, and is generally in the region of 4-100 balloons per tube.
The mold of the

BF 209 is heated by means of infrared heating, which enables quick and precisely reproducible heating of the balloon mold. The infrared heating of the BF 209 is arranged radially around the balloon mold, enabling temperatures up to 300°C.

The useful length of the balloon mold can be extended in 25 mm intervals, so that balloons with an overall length of up to 60 mm and a diameter of up to 50 mm can be manufactured as standard, without any modification to the balloon forming machine. The balloon mold of the BF 209 can be exchanged quickly and easily at any time. Balloon molds made from different materials such as glass, metal and plastic can be used. This allows specific utilization of the advantages of the respective balloon molds and guarantees a high level of flexibility in the balloon process with just one machine, depending on the relevant requirements.

Material is drawn out of the balloon cones during the process by the two individually controlled, programmable stretching units; this results in a smaller wall thickness and additional tapering of the balloon sleeves. In addition, the BF 209 has a long stretching unit, which enables automatic loading and unloading of the balloons. It is thus possible to produce a number of balloons in a continuous process without an operator.