Crimping machine Crimpmaster 3

Crimpmaster 3

Crimping machine


The force is transferred to the stent via a 6-way IRIS diaphragm profile. A plastic tube is located between the stent and the IRIS diaphragm, which transfers the force from the diaphragm to the stent without causing damage. Consequently, even coated stents can be crimped. The force is adjusted electronically by a controller. The iris diaphragm can also be automatically offset by an angle of 30°. This enables a virtually 100% radial force application. The tool width of 13mm enables both short and long stents to be crimped without changing the tool. The feed for long stents > 13mm is regulated by a freely programmable control and 0-10 programs can be simply selected with a selector switch. The maximum travel is approx. 120 mm.

Advantages of the machine

  • Crimping of coated stents
  • Regulated force -> Reproducible process
  • Different sizes and lengths without changing the tool
  • Freely programmable process sequence
  • Design suitable for clean room
  • Simple operation