manual cutting machine 10-200 mm C 200

C 200

manual cutting machine 10-200 mm


Thanks to the precise guidance of both blade and tube, the cutting edges are at right angles, the tube remains in its original shape and the length of the tubes remains constant after the process is complete. The C 200 is characterised by it´s easy handling and quick operating procedure. With the C 200 it is possible to cut tubes with a diameter of approximately 10 mm ranging up to about 200 mm. The cutting process usually lasts about 30 seconds; the complete cutting process depends on the length and quality of the tube. To cut tubes with a small wall thickness, the machine can be optional set with a bolt. The tube get pushed on the bolt which keep the tube stable. After the cut the tube gets automaticaly unloaded from the bold.

The tubes to be cut are guided through guide bushing, which can be replaced easily. With one guiding bush, ranges of 5 mm are covered on average.


Due to the completely closed metal housing and the length of the cutting bushing, injury from operating the cutting process can be practically ruled out. The tube cutter corresponds to the operational safety regulations and CE directives.