automatic tube cutting machine 0.3-10 mm Cut Box
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Cut Box

automatic tube cutting machine 0.3-10 mm


The cutting of extremely soft tubes and tubes with low inherent stability is no problem with the machine. Thanks to the precise guidance of both blade and tube, the cutting edges are at right angles, the tube remains in its original shape and the length of the tubes remains constant after the process is complete. The machines can be integrated assembly line and combined with other devices laser measurement (Ø) or marking systems.


The including Software „SoftCut“ allows a freely and intuitive programing of the length, amount, feeding speed and accel-eration, of the cutting process. The feeding speed is adjustable in a wide range to guar-antee an optimal adjustment to every type of tube.

The machine is totally closed and the doors are lockable so that it is practically impossible to injure someone at the cutting process. The machines complies with CE regulations.