Electro Polishing Machine Avantgarde


Electro Polishing Machine


Additionally, the vertical setup of the plant us-es up much less space than in convention-al plants. A better polishing result is achieved by the new holder of the stents.

The unprocessed stents are charged into a change magazine on the first level. On the second level, the stents are discharged in an electro polishing bath that can be taken out towards the front. The third level is a device for automatic change of the contacting. On the fourth level, there is the polishing bath. The plant as such is closed and serves as collection tray at the same time.

The process can be freely programmed in the following parameters:

    • Current
    • Voltage
    • Ampere seconds
    • Time and pulse duration
    • Temperature
    • Motion and circulation

The electrode distances can be adjusted to the process. This takes place in the master-slave procedure. The steps are entered freely in the programme and the machine control performs the steps reproducibly independently. The PC serves process control and recording.