Heat Treatment System up to 1250°C HT 1250

HT 1250

Heat Treatment System up to 1250°C


The HT 1250 is a high-vacuum annealing furnace that can heat its annealing stock (stents) in a high vacuum to temperatures of up to 1250°C. This prevents oxidation from taking place and as of specific temperatures, oxides are even reduced. An additional benefit is that no foreign atoms become integrated into the product during the thermal process, which would otherwise impair the properties of the material.

The vacuum is achieved by a high-vacuum turbo pump, which can attain a final pressure of <10E-5. The dry rotor booster pump ensures that no back diffusion of lubricants develops. And the tried and tested cooling method that is applied in the vacuum enables small particle sizes to be achieved. The integrated venting value enables quick aeration of the system, and, in combination with protective gas, the processing time is minimized. The number of annealed stents pro run depends on size. Approx. 400 items, i.e. 16 mm long stents with a diameter of 1.8 mm can be processed in a single run.

The process is controlled and monitored by freely-programmable software, which takes all important parameters into account: i.e. different temperature profiles can be run in succession. Windows is known for its easy-to-operate interface and complies fully with the requirements set by FDA and CE regulations. Individual user accounts can be defined with different access rights. Process sequences are able to be saved in a chart and subsequently evaluated, while finished processes are stored in a so-called History File. In addition, modifications, services or other activities can be noted down in the Log Book. Database software is available (not included in scope of delivery) to be used to make backups of the data. A large number of process programs can be created and saved with the software. A further option is support of a host connection.