Heat Treatment System up to 900°C HT 800

HT 800

Heat Treatment System up to 900°C


The heat treatment gives the stent the desired form memory. In this step, it is very important that the required AF temperature is set, since the AF-temperature strongly influences the stent's use. At the same time, it determines the mechanical properties of the NiTinol product.

The HT 800 is an annealing furnace designed for up to approx. 900 °C and equipped with a fully automatic control. Additionally, the process is completely documented, which warrants gapless traceability of the individual cycles.

The furnace can be applied with air cooling or, optionally, bath cooling. There also is the option to equip the furnace with a magazine that permits automatic loading and unloading of the furnace.

The freely programmable software controls and monitors the process in all important parameters. Different temperature profiles can be processed in sequence as well.