Electro Polishing Machine HS-Wet


Electro Polishing Machine


Electro-polishing is required additionally to achieve a higher surface quality of the NiTinol stents. MICRO processing of the surface is performed while the surface is reduced to increase the chemical compatibility of the NiTinol stents. This procedure is now the standard procedure for NiTinol implants, since it is the only way to meet the higher demands to product approval.

Two different systems are offered for electro-polishing: The HS WET-NITI 01 with a single polishing station and the HS WET-NITI 03 with three polishing baths. This gives the HS WET-NITI 03 higher number of applications than the HS WET-NIT 01.

In these three polishing baths, concurrent processing of three stents is possible, since the machine supports single control of the different polishing baths. The polishing baths of both systems are applied with a housing to meet the demands to work protection.