tension and friction tester DLF 380
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DLF 380

tension and friction tester


The DLF 380 tester is equipped with an automatic clamping device on the right side. This clamp can be used to apply a defined clamping force to two clamping jaws. Thus it is possible to measure stents in the friction on the balloon as well. The pressing force can be set by weights and the surfaces can be quickly replaced by different sizes and shapes. Easier operation with only two buttons enables quick familiarisation in production and easy handling. This device is ideal for many measuring tasks.

For measuring, the part to be tested is placed below the clamp block. Then the plates are lowered carefully with the "Clamp" button. The left side is closed with the mechanic spanner. Pressing the start button builds a tension or pressure on the left side with a carriage, and the force on the right clamp is measured over the path and indicated in a diagram. Comfortable, freely programmable software makes it possible to store and call employee management, batch number and up to 2000 programmes. The device has an error recognition function that indicates when the sample goes from adhesive friction to dynamic friction or if the measuring range or force is exceeded.