Tipforming machine IR5


Tipforming machine


The IR5 has been developed for forming plastic tips with a diameter of 0.5-7 mm. Optimum adaptation to your production can be achieved by quickly and simply changing between different molds, such as glass, metal and plastic molds. The IR5 enables forming of open and closed tips. In addition, the IR5 is an ideal welding machine for catheter shafts and tips of balloon catheters.

The IR5 is loaded manually. The tube is inserted into the slide. The tube is clamped and the freely programmable sequence is started by pressing the start key. The following parameters can be entered: Power, start position, tip length, speed and cooling temperature. The process can also be adapted to new requirements in the machine program.

The mold is heated by 4 radially arranged IR emitters. It is thus possible to change the mold without the need for readjustment. The mold is exchanged together with the complete mold holder. The time taken is typically << 5 min. The IR sensor is recommended if the temperature can be measured at the tip of the mold (if no through-loading is necessary).