tube drilling machine Kiwi


tube drilling machine


The Kiwi is a tube driller to drill all kind of holes in all kind of tube materials. The tube holder is adjusted on customer requirement and can be fast and easy changed. To program the turning speed or the drilling depth, the including software is used. The program can be choose by the knob on the side of the machine. Also the drilling depth can be fine adjusted by the knob. To start the drilling process, choose the program, load the tube and start the drilling by using the footswitch.

The Kiwi can optional armed with a linear axis like the KX-100. So the tube-driller is fully PC-controlled and can be connected to a host. The positions of the holes to be drilled can be freely programmed in length and angle using the provided software. The drill feed rate and the drilling depth can also be freely programmed for each individual hole. The PC support makes it possible to create and store a virtually unlimited number of different hole patterns. Every drilled tube can be retrieved from a history. Because there is a user account control you can decide which user can create, delete or change programs.